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Here we present the hands-on documentation regarding the SmartCommunity platform, the exposed services, SDK, and other development resources that are relevant for using, implementing and deploying the apps.

SmartCommunity Platform Architecture

Logically, the SmartCommunity Platform consists of the three main elements:

  • The SmartCommunity core platform that includes the core platform middleware that relates different modules and components and hosts the core services and applications. The modules, also referred to as Engines, provide the generic purpose functionality, including, e.g., the social networking, service integration and event processing, trip planning and transport information, etc. The core services, such as the Access control, user profile storage, file storage and management, and communications, are build also using these engines providing necessary APIs for many common tasks and features. The core services and apps are hosted in the core platform and are directly available in the form of Web services.
  • SmartCommunity deployment platform-as-a-service based on CloudFoundry, provides hosting for custom applications within the scope of the SmartCommunity project. This is the place where one can deploy its own server-side application used by the client apps when they need to delegate to the server complex computations and tasks. While in the following we provide the documentation for Java-based Web application, the platform, however, exposes a variety of multi-language services and frameworks, including, e.g., MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Java Web (Tomcat), Spring, Rails, PHP, Play, etc.
  • The SmartCommunity client libraries and app sandbox that includes the core apps and libraries providing basic functionality, such as authentication, access to user social network management, etc.

SmartCommunity Development Resources

SmartCommunity Authentication and Authorization

SmartCommunity adopts the OAuth2.0 protocol with different identity providers for authentication and authorization of the plaform service use and access. See here for the details about the API access and login.

Core Services

The core services provides the access to a wide range of functionality implemented and maintained by the SmartCommunity project. This includes the ones related to mobility and transportation data and operations, geocoding, user profiling, social networking, territory data, gamification, user motifications, etc.

Using SmartCommunity CloudFoundry PaaS

The information on how to connect, deploy, and run applications in SmartCampus PaaS can be found here.

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